Willem van de Velde The Younger

A States Yacht from the Admiralty of Amsterdam before a moderate breeze, meeting a Two-decker.

Cornelis de Heem (Leiden 1631 - Antwerp 1695)

Still Life with a Lobster, a peeled lemon on a pewter plater, a roemer, and fruits on a stone ledge with a green drape.

Jan Brueghel the Younger (1601 - Antwerp 1678)

A Riverscene.

Karel van der Pluym (Leyden 1625 - Leyden 1672)

Scholar in his Studio.

Balthasar van der Ast (Middelburg 1594 - Delft 1657)

Still Life with roses, tulips, irises and other flowers in a wicker basket, with fruit and insects on a ledge

Welcome to the Koetser Gallery

The Koetser Gallery was founded in 1912 and has since specialised in Fine Old Masters mainly of the Dutch, Flemish and Italian Schools. Today the gallery is based in the centre of Zurich, Switzerland, where David H. Koetser, a third generation art dealer, has been active successfully for over 40 years.

The paintings on this website present a selection of the current Gallery stock. All paintings are for sale- prices are available on request.

  • The Gallery also purchases works of art directly from private clients.
  • We are prepared to take paintings on consignment from private clients.
  • We assist and offer expertise on building and maintaining collections.
  • We provide expert valuations as well as conservation and restoration advice.
  • We assist and do referrals on lighting and framing of paintings.

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