Pieter Jacobs Codde

Amsterdam 1599 - Amsterdam 1678

A Painter in his Studio, Tuning a Lute.

Oil on panel, 41 x 54 cm
Signed and dated on the cross bar of the easel:
PCodde 162[9?]



Brussels, with art dealer Gaston Neumans, by whom sold to;
Munich, collection Hermann Heinemann (d. 1920) and Sophie Heinemann née Alexander, 1912 Munich, collection Sophie Heinemann née Alexander, 1920, by whom sold to;
Munich, Galerie Heinemann, 1928;
Munich, collection Friedrich Heinrich Zinckgraf (Galerie am Lenbachplatz, formerly Heinemann), 1938 Dietramszell (art repository Kloster Dietramszell), Friedrich Heinrich Zinckgraf, 1942;
Munich, Central Collecting Point, 1947, from where restituted by the allied authorities to;
Munich, Galerie Zinckgraf, 1949; Gundelfingen, collection Eugen Zaiss and Erika Zaiss née Haas, thence by decent to the present owners.


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